Edisio Pereira Neto, CEO of Zro Bank, who plans to reach 1 million downloads of his app.

Zro Bank, the first digital bank in the country to offer real and bitcoin accounts, is receiving its first round of investments. In total, there are R$61 million, R$25 million of which from a Multinvest Capital fund. The R$ 36 million should come in the next few days from a bank that the company did not reveal, but says it is one of the largest in the financial market.

O Zro is from the B&T Group, one of the largest exchange rates in the country, which also includes BitBlue, a brokerage that supports cryptocurrencies for the digital bank. The operation began in September 2020. Multinvest is an asset manager in Pernambuco, which is also the headquarters of Zro Bank. He created a fund for the contribution and it includes, for example, Silvio Meira, chairman of the board of directors of Porto Digital in Recife and member of the board of companies such as Magalu.

According to Edísio Pereira Neto, CEO of fintech, Zro Bank will use the resources for team growth, marketing actions and focus on new products. This means an increase in the currency portfolio, international account, credit and investments.

Zro Bank wants to double the team

Since its launch, the application has surpassed 350 thousand downloads and R$ 2 billion in currency conversions on the platforms – from fiat currencies and crypto-actives. “We intend to reach the milestone of one million downloads by the end of next year and double the number of contributors. Today there are 70 people”, says the CEO of Zro Bank.

Despite the volatility, people increasingly perceive cryptocurrencies as a store of value for their investment strategies, says Pereira. “Let’s focus on the scale of our product.”

This year, the ranking 100 Startups to Watch considered Zro Bank one of the most promising fintechs. Together with Visa, it was the first to offer bitcoin cashback for its card transactions.