Vitreo, an investment fintech that was bought by BTG, has launched two non-fungible token funds (NFTs). You are the first of this type in Brazil. The funds focus on ‘gamecoins’, one of the new waves in the world of cryptoactives.

Crypto NFT will apply 100% of its resources to NFTs abroad. It is a fund for qualified investors, that is, high-income investors. The minimum contribution is R$ 5 thousand. The administration fee is up to 1.5% per year and the performance fee is 20% on what exceeds the benchmark. In this case, the benchmark index is that of American bonds (IDCOTS) + 2%. Redemption is in ten days (D+10).

The other fund, Coin NFT, is for every type of investor. In this case, the fund will have 20% NFTs and 80% ETFs. These ETFs are on B3 and are from QR Capital (QBTC11 and QETH11) and Hashdex (HASH11). The minimum contribution is R$1,000. The administration fee is a maximum of 0.5% per year. The performance fee applies only to the funds invested. The redemption is in five days (D+5).

As there was no such type of investment here, it was necessary to open an account on platforms abroad. “In addition, to make the transaction, the investor would have to send the money (in reais) and convert it to some digital currency (bitcoin, for example), to finally try to buy the NFTs”, explains George Wachsmann, Jojo, founding partner and CIO of Vitreo.

“Vitreo would not fail to offer the Brazilian public, in a simple, safe and consistent way, this billionaire and innovative universe of cryptoactives and NFTs”, says Jojo. The company launched a miniseries on Vitreo’s YouTube channel called “6 Gamecoins Ao Seu Alcance”.