Transfero Group invested in Kassandra and Metavest in 2022. Photo: Lucas Beck, Unsplash.

The Transfero Group, founded by Brazilians and based in Switzerland, “landed” in Chile. The information was given by the group’s head of operations (COO), Claudio Just, on his LinkedIn profile. But, he did not give further details on the matter. “The year is just beginning”, said the executive.

As with the announcement about Chile, Transfero began by detailing that it invested in Kassandra, which identifies trends and suggests cryptocurrency investment options. And also at Metavest, a consultant and funder of game projects with non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and in the metaverse.

In an interview with Blocknews in late 2021, Transfero Group reported that it had plans to invest in companies. In addition, it will offer investments in securities related to cryptocurrencies in Brazil.

The crypto payments and buying and selling group also has stablecoin BRZ. And in 2021, it launched a crypto buying and selling platform focused on end consumers and not B2B, as it was already doing. In the quest to create its ecosystem, “the vision has always been to have a verticalized operation”, said at the time the company’s director of products and partnerships, Safiri Felix.

In 2021, Transfero invested in four companies, in addition, it bought the currency CryptoBRL. One of the companies is PARSIQ, of blockchain monitoring and compliance solutions. Thus, they avoid fraud and other problems that can generate insecurity on the network. Another acquisition was that of DeFi Land, which gamifies decentralized finance (DeFi).

The company also invested in Credix, a platform that startup funding has just entered the market. The headquarters is in Brazil. In addition, it contributed capital to the Kirobo, from Israel, which develops decentralized applications. and acquired CryptoBRL