With the purchase, BRZ will gain strength.

Transfero, which issues Brazilian Digital Token (BRZ), a stable currency (stablecoin) paired with the real, has also purchased stablecoin CryptoBRL (CBRL). With that, the company says it wants to strengthen BRZ.

cBRL was created in early 2020 by a group of companies and exchanges. BRZ has been on the market since 2019. In addition to being the first Brazilian stablecoin in circulation, it is the largest not paired with the dollar.

“Today there are more than ten thousand cryptocurrencies and tokens in the world and most of them are not directly available to the Brazilian user. We created the BRZ to lessen friction and give more access to the global cryptoactive market. The acquisition of cBRL aims to unite the Brazilian cryptoactive community”, said Thiago Cesar, CEO of Transfero.

According to the company, the broker BitPreço will exchange cBRL for BRZ, as the first will cease to exist on December 31st. The exchange is 1:1 and needs to happen by the end of this year so you don’t get lost in crypto. It is possible for other platforms to make the switch. BitPreço is one of the companies that participated in the cryptocurrency creation project.

A few days ago, Transfero announced that it will enter cryptocurrency retail. To do so, it launched Transfero Crypto, a platform for buying and selling digital currencies. But the plan is to offer the service to other countries in Latin America in the coming months, in line with its strategy in the region.

The platform is on a website which aims to attract beginners with a simple experience and starts with six cryptos. This includes, for example, BRZ, your own company currency.