Parfin partners with Dane for global solution. Photo: Shuttersnap Photo: Pixabay

Parfin, a platform that seeks to connect institutional investors to cryptoactives, has partnered with the Danish company Sepior, which specializes in cryptography for the so-called secure multiparty computing (MPC). The objective is to enable the global offer of custody. The company claims that with this, it is the only one in Latin America to offer the technology in the sector.

Parfin’s platform serves for custody, trading and management of digital assets. The solution, depending on the company, can be an external service or integrated in the customer interface. According to Parfin, this is one of the few MPC solutions that can run in both formats.

“There are few providers in the world for an MPC portfolio. We have seen a great demand for this solution and few companies capable of offering quality service, said Marcos Viriato, CEO of Parfin.

Parfin claims that with the solution, it is possible to create blockchain transactions without having access to the private key. For this, “private key quotas” are used. These can be distributed stored and managed by more than one person in the corporation. Thus, the risk of fraud and scams is lower.

The companies stated that the partnership includes working together to improve the MPC custody segment, both from a scientific point of view and from a business perspective. “The goal is to offer a world-class, highly secure and efficient custody solution for digital assets,” added Viriato.

The platform has an additional layer of governance, information and regulatory compliance, making it ideal for institutional investors,” said Ahmet Tuncay, CEO of Sepior.