Nissan Kicks XPlay buyer wins NFT with drawings by artist Fesq. Photo: Nissan.

Nissan announced today (14) that it will launch a limited edition of the Nissan Kicks, the Kicks XPlay, which in addition to different features in the vehicle, will also have a non-fungible token (NFT). That’s because whoever buys the car gets a token developed based on the design sketches in this edition. The drawings are by the Brazilian digital artist Fesq.

So, what Nissan is doing is connecting a limited edition, which in Brazil will have only 1,000 units, with tokens that feature exclusivity. Because they are non-fungible, they mean they are unique.

Nissan’s strategy is, therefore, yet another example that NFTs are getting into companies’ marketing strategies. These cases vary and can be, for example, the sale of brand designs, how did Havaianas, which also made a connection with a social project.

In Brazil, Nissan will sell a thousand units of Kicks XPlay. The vehicle is produced in Resende. In addition to 1,000 units for the Brazilian market, 350 units will leave the brand’s factory in Resende (RJ) for Argentina and Paraguay. The suggested price on the market is R$ 122,990.

CurrencyPay will store social and environmental impact NFT

Me and MoedaPay, the Semente Currency digital wallet, will store NFTs that generate environmental or social benefits. That’s because on the last 5th, Amazon Day, the NFT Gallery went live, which allows users to host green NFTs and the MDAGREEN NFT. There is the possibility of sharing the gallery on other social networks to encourage transactions.

MDAGREEN NFT is a partnership between Coin Semente and 3Agro. The companies created 300 tokens and each one represents one hectare of açaí plantation. Each token costs $100 (about R$550). The NFT entitles you to remuneration from the sale of açaí.