Monnos, an application for buying and selling cryptocurrencies and payments, launched this Tuesday (23) the Monnos Play to Earn initiative. In partnership with the YouTube channel Criptudos, the objective is to financially reward users when they reach goals in the Axie Infinity game.

Axie Infinity reached 2.2 million users worldwide last October. Its token (AXS) was trading in the range of $142 at the time this report was published, with a volume of $838 million in transactions in 24 hours, according to CoinMarketCap.

“We aim to bring our users the possibility of earning extra income by doing something pleasurable: playing video games,” says Rodrigo Soeiro, CEO of Monnos. “We understand this as a way to educate our users about the different possibilities of the ecosystem.”

According to Vinícius Pires, founder of Criptudos, the partnership with Monnos and the game Axie Infinity opens a new chapter in the history of the cryptocurrency segment in Brazil. “Scaling up an initiative like this, we will be able to position Brazil in the global crypto ecosystem and, in particular, in the Play to Earn scenario”.