MENA NFT Collection Bored Falcon launches – UNLOCK Blockchain

MENA NFT Collection, Bored Falcon has launched its in February 2022. Coinciding alongside the 10th Edition of the region’s leading tech festival, Step Conference 2022. The first wave launch of the collection features a futuristic yet traditional spin on NFT artwork.

The Bored Falcon initiative has been created and fueled by a collective of artists across UAE; Bahrain; Lebanon and Syria.

Adding visual representation of the Middle Eastern and Arab region in the NFT space, each drop wave evolves getting “cooler, crazier and rarer” as Bored Falcon counts down from #10,000 to the coveted #1.

The entire collection comprises 10,000 individual, one-of-a-kind Bored Falcons, with the aim to bring together 10,000 early adopters of the Internet of the future – those native to the region or those who have made the region their home – where they have a platform and a common bond, to come together from different backgrounds under one initiative.

The first drop of 1,000 of these NFTs also feature the rarer 10 “Founding Falcons” numbered from #9,999 to #9990 – few of which will be given away at the Step Conference 2022 in Dubai Internet City towards the end of February 2022.

Bored Falcon’s rubrics are simple, help, mentor and advice fellow Bored Falcons and use the combined knowledge, affluence and accessibility gained from being a part of this collective, to help those around you within the community, city, country and the wider MENA region.

Each NFT from the first wave will trade on OpenSea at a floor price of 0.05 ETH (currently trading at $160) with the aim to make the Bored Falcon collective, as well as NFT art, accessible to all.


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