The Association for the Investment of Private Capital in Latin America (LAVCA), has published a study that shows how investments with hedge funds have had an increase of at least 20% this 2021.

LAVCA is a private, non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the capital growth of companies. Business private companies throughout Latin America and the Caribbean, and is made up of more than 170 companies that work or manage investment funds and in this way brings together the data.

The report reveals that venture investing has grown exceptionally from 2016 to 2020 when it reached $ 4.1 billion, but now In the first semester of 2021, that amount increased to USD 6.4 billion. as reported by LAVCA.

Source: LAVCA

In this increase in risk investments, are the sector Fintech cryptographic present, companies like Name, BeeTech, Nexo among many other companies dedicated to exchange services, Commerce and other services derived from the use of cryptocurrencies.

Of these, unicorns such as Bitso, Clip, Market Bitcoin, among many other Fintech companies that are part of this exponential increase in the market. In the same way, these data are not something unpredictable, since the beginning of the pandemic by the Covid-19 It has been noted that the fintech sector has had an important emergence within the economy global.

Within this list that is available on the official website of the Association, it also appears that companies such as Mercadolibre, Microsoft and Qualcom Venture are listed as investment companies.

The companies that have shown the most early, initial or long-term investments are precisely those that belong to the Fintech sector and that is part of the investment in Latin America also generates a couple of indicators, the first one referring to the human talent found on this side of the world , and the second indicator can be summarized as the proper use of business strategies that allow accelerated growth in one year, turning several of these companies into financial unicorns.

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