IRS uses Serpro’s solution in Hyperledger Fabric.

A IRS announced today (4) another blockchain platform for data sharing, which will be available next Monday (11). The b-Registration will include the CPF, CNPJ, Register of Economic Activities of Individuals (CAEPF), National Register of Works (CNO) and Simples Nacional. O serpro developed the network using Hyperledger Fabric.

The goal is for public agencies and associated entities to use b-Cadastros. Thus, whoever participates should ask for the bases that are interested. For that, it is necessary to make an agreement with the Federal Revenue and who will give the authorization will be the Tax Cooperation and Integration Advisory (Ascif).

But hiring is direct with the serpro, which will receive for the service and can provide the infrastructure if the agency wants.

The Internal Revenue Service already has the b-CFP and b-CNPJ, to which the bodies register to gain access. there is still b-Connect for use by Mercosur in trade between bloc countries.

With b-Cadastros, the data will undergo daily updates, one day after registration in the IRS databases. In addition, the platform will replace the organ’s base replica form, which goes offline on December 31st.

According to the Internal Revenue Service, whoever participates in the network is responsible for guarding the information they receive. Just as it must “inform citizens about the treatments that will be done with their personal data, when this is the case”.