iCoLab promotes exchanges and experiences about blockchain between academia and market.

There is no doubt that blockchain is one of the main topics in technological innovation today. Just follow the amount of new projects and research that move the most varied sectors of the economy. From bitcoin to non-fungible tokens (NFTs), there are endless possibilities for applications based on this technology, whose main value is in the layer of trust that it gives to digital transactions.

The challenges of operating in an environment with ample data circulation, such as the internet, require investments in protocols that guarantee security and transparency of records. As well as exchanges of information carried out on a network. And that’s where the blockchain’s relevance lies: redefining value transactions, enabling them to happen in a secure, decentralized and distributed way.

In order for society to understand how the blockchain is transformative, iCoLab has invested in collaboration and knowledge building. It does this by integrating research and market in the construction of our projects. iCoLab is an innovation hub that connects and develops people and companies interested in blockchain. In this way, it encourages and disseminates actions that impact society and contribute to its business evolution.

In 2021, iCoLab completes two years of journey. The celebration includes two events, on the 14th and 21st of September. In them, issues that affect not only organizations, but also the people who interact with these systems will be presented and debated. The purpose is to talk about technology with the human being at the center of this process, as there is no innovation without humanization.

iCoLab to discuss blockchain for health data security

From the Covid-19 pandemic, the needs and challenges generated by the industry, technological trends such as the internet of things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI) and the blockchain arrived to transform and improve solutions. Thus, they made the experience of the citizen, the patient and the health professional fundamental in the use and provision of services.

Knowing the perspectives of interoperability between public and private services, how to guarantee the privacy and security of sensitive data are some of the themes of the webinar “Digital Health: a commitment to the human being”, on the next 14th.

The main panel will be on “Application of data technology in healthcare information management: big data, analytics, AI, blockchain and interoperability”. He will participate in the webinar Guilherme Rabello, a specialist in the development of telemedicine solutions and medical innovation of products and services.

Webinar to discuss new business models in industry 4.0

In recent years, blockchain technology has paved the way to unite companies, industries and economies. In this way, it is expanding the adoption trends and the development of new applications. In industry 4.0, new business models emerge and this is just the beginning of a revolution in ideas.

“Blockchain Networked Business Models: Trust and Transparency in Industry 4.0” will be the theme of the September 21st meeting. On the “NFT Logistics” panel, Christian Aranha, PhD in Computational Intelligence and author of the book ‘Bitcoin, Blockchain and Much Money’, will talk about non-fungible tokens. These are a kind of digital property title that has aroused the interest of several sectors for the commercialization of virtual products. But that also raises questions about its logistics and use cases.

It is with the debate on themes that impact our relationship with the world that the iCoLab keeps connecting people, companies and projects. It also shares initiatives, co-creates solutions and contributes to the evolution of society. The institute promotes an environment for exchanges and experiences between members, researchers and entrepreneurs. With this, it operates in a space for research, market, learning and welcoming.

*Daniela Seibt, Public Relations, PhD student in Social Communication at PUCRS. Communication and Relationship Leader at iCoLab, presearcher, entrepreneur, specialist in memory, content and dissemination. Enthusiast of blockchain, collaborative economy and co-creation as instruments for building the future of society