Foxbit will sell R$1 thousand in bitcoin for R$1.

The Foxbit cryptocurrency exchange will make a promotion this Friday (10) to celebrate its 7th anniversary which includes the sale of cryptocurrencies for R$ 1. Offers include coins such as bitcoin, ether and polkadot.

According to Foxbit, the offers include R$1 to R$1 thousand in bitcoin, to R$30 in ethereum, to R$50 in polkadot and R$80 in Mana. Offers for R$1 reach up to R$1,000 in a cryptocurrency. There will be other product offerings such as courses.

To participate, users must access the event special page, have an account on Foxbit, Coingoback with the same email address as the stock exchange account and PayPal. There will be a list and a timer activated as soon as the user enters the site. When the timer resets, the message Buy for $1” will appear. Take whoever is faster to buy.

“It is an opportunity for those who are not yet part of this crypto universe,” said João Canhada, CEO of Foxbit. The company is also launching 15 cryptocurrencies on its platform with no purchase and sale fee in the first 15 days after its availability on the platform.

Thus, Foxbit will close the year with 37 digital currencies. To date, it has negotiated R$9 billion and claims to have almost R$1 million registered customers. This year, it carried out actions such as cashback, partnership with the Dotz platform, token platformcrypto-as-a-service products. For 2022, Foxbit plans to increase the crypto-assets portfolio and launch more tokenized assets.

Monnos gives cashback on fuel purchases

Meanwhile, Monnos is giving up to 10% cashback on Monnos Card fuel expenses. Cashback takes place instantly via the MNS Token, the company’s cryptocurrency, which can be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies. The price of MNS was R$ 0.01337 at the time of publication of this report, down 19.5%.

The promotion runs until the end of January and the company has already distributed R$70,000 in cashback for that promotion, Monnos CEO and co-founder Rodrigo Soeiro told Blocknews.

According to him “Monnos was made by the community for the community”. So, with rising fuel prices, it created cashback. The company claims that it is the first cryptobank in Brazil and operates in 118 countries. In 2019, it made an Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) in 2019, that is, an initial offer to finance its project.