Venture foreign capital is investing in Brazil. Image: Pixabay.

It’s not even new – but it’s a fact: fintechs continue to lead among the sectors that most attract venture capital investments in Brazil. Since January, there have been 115 rounds, which together totaled US$ 2.6 billion. Then there are retailtechs, as retail solutions are called. with US$ 631 million raised, distributed in 50 contributions.

In all, US$ 772 million were invested in August, distributed in 56 rounds, according to data from the Inside Venture Capital Report, a monthly report produced by the open innovation platform Distrito. The amount was more than four times higher than the same month in 2020, which registered a raising of US$ 191 million, in 45 investments, as shown in a report on the website Fintechs Brasil, a partner of Blocknews.

Between January and August of this year, Brazilian startups have already received around US$ 6.6 billion in investments, in a total of 457 contributions – the accumulated volume already surpasses by more than 85% that collected throughout the year of 2020 .

Among the main contributions registered in August are three Series C rounds, captured by Omie, Unico and Petlove. The contributions were US$ 110 million, US$ 120 million and US$ 145 million, respectively. A US$ 120 million extension of the QuintoAndar Series E also contributed to the great increase in the numbers – added to previous values, the round already accumulates US$ 755 million in investments.

The full report is at Fintechs Brasil