Eduardo Carvalho, CEO of Dynasty, says that plan and transaction value grow 70 times. Photo: Dynasty.

A Dynasty Global Investment, a startup for Brazilians based in Switzerland and which issues the D¥NS cryptocurrency, associated with real estate, is setting up an office in Dubai with a focus on the Asian market, preparing the cryptoactive listing on six more exchanges in 2022 and the sale of tokens here .

With actions like these, Dynasty Global intends to increase by 70 times the almost $100,000 traded a day on the four current exchanges, global CEO and founder of the company, Eduardo Carvalho, told Blocknews. According to him, the goal is to reach US$ 500 thousand in negotiations in March 2022.

For the offer in Brazil, the company is recognized as a payment company by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA). As there is a classification recognition agreement between the Swiss regulator and the Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission (CVM), it will not be necessary to ask for a license here, says Carvalho. “We are a Swiss company. But my interest is also to develop Brazil”. For now, the focus is on Europe.

Regarding the operation in Dubai, Carvalho says that there will be 14 people for sales, who are being selected, and 10 for others, such as administration and marketing. In Switzerland, Dynasty has 6 people and will increase to 12 in 2022. In Brazil, there are 65 of the commercial – here there was already a private offer of tokens – marketing and technology.

“Dubai is an important hub and a city that looks to the future. Four years ago I didn’t think they were ready. Much was missing. Today it has a strong blockchain community”, says Carvalho. As the city has people of different nationalities, Dynasty Global hopes to find professionals who support the company in their own languages ​​in their countries of origin.

Dynasty Global wants to be on 10 exchanges in 2022

Today, crypto D¥NS is on the Probit exchanges (South Korea), the Estonian Latoken and P2PB2P, and the Exmarkets (British Virgin Islands). The expectation is that there will be ten in total by the middle of 2022. year. The names of the new ones the company does not reveal.

This month, the token also started to appear in CoinMarketCaps, a reference for those who follow cryptocurrency quotes. At noon this Wednesday (24), the value of the crypto was in the range of US$ 106 on the website. The turnover was US$ 42,000 in the last 24 hours.

But in addition to retail, Dynasty’s strategy is also focused on asset and wealth managers, including families, known as family offices. There are family offices that are interested in knowing about cryptocurrencies because they see that the market is growing and know about projects and understand what is happening, he added.

This movement of seeking institutional investors, outside the world of cryptocurrencies, is what the entire segment is doing. That’s because it’s where a good part of the money invested in different assets is located. But there is resistance to entering cryptos. Therefore, the solution is to find these investors to show what these new assets are, why, how and how much to adhere to them.

D¥NS offer will be 21 million units

D¥NS offer is limited. There will be a distribution of 21 million D¥NS, of which 94.22% will go to market and the rest will be with the team and the founders. The distribution is around 395,000 tokens. About 40% are in the hands of Europeans, 40% are Brazilian and the rest are distributed in other markets. The United States (USA) is not the focus of the company, which it considers to be a still immature market.

By selling the tokens, Dynasty Global raises funds to buy high-end properties around the world. This year, it bought the first, in the financial area of ​​the city of São Paulo. With the rental of the properties, the company will repurchase D¥NS on exchanges to burn. This increases the token’s scarcity, which can help drive up its price.

Dynasty says that its token has a reference and is not backed by real estate, because the price of the property and the rent are some of the factors that affect the D¥NS quotation. Another might be, for example, an agreement with a payment company for crypto to be used on their network. There are also issues such as liquidity and value perception.

“Cryptoactive boom will leave thousands on its way”

“Asset and wealth managers are seeing that it is inevitable that the market will move towards cryptocurrencies. They are looking for specialization and banks need to understand the projects. About 5 years ago I said that it doesn’t matter if they like cryptos. Your customers will ask to buy cryptos and you will lose customers. And that’s what’s happening now.” For now, the focus of these institutions remains on bitcoin and ethereum, he added.

Carvalho believes that the cryptocurrency segment will also experience a boom like that of the internet. “Thousands will be by the way and several companies will prosper.” Dynasty, it believes, will survive because it buys assets to consistently generate revenue, have reserves and protect crypto’s value. “There comes a time when we will sustain the price for the portfolio itself”.

Therefore, the CEO of Dynasty is in favor of regulation, to “separate the chaff from the tribe and protect the investor”.