BlockBR will act in the tokenization of assets such as real estate. Photo: BlockBR.

Cassio José Krupinsk, who from May to October this year worked in the marketing of CoinsPayments in Brazil, is launching a tokenizer. THE BlockBR will be a fintech with a marketplace of digital assets and investments. The company expects to make the first primary token offering within 40 days.

Tokenization means turning something physical or digital into blockchain code, but which can be broken up into several pieces. This is happening, for example, with real estate in Rio Grande do Sul. One of the benefits of this is that it allows an investor without money to buy the whole, to acquire at least part of it and somehow profit from it. As with rent or sale.

According to BlockBR, in addition to transforming the asset into a token, the sale can take place in its marketplace. The company expects to register 100,000 customers on the platform in the first year. In addition, it expects to raise 45 million in tokenized assets, such as companies and loans. According to the company, the technology it will use is its own.

Decision to open BlockBR comes after experience at CoinPayments

“The knowledge that I have accumulated in the crypto universe has sharpened my desire to go deeper into this revolution that we are going through in the entire financial system around the world.”, he said.

The company will enter a market where there are competitors such as Mercado Bitcoin Digital Assets (MBDA) it’s at Liqi. When we talk about digital assets, there’s no way to differentiate them much. In fact, the market is very big, it’s a huge wave we’re surfing. At this moment, the only concern and the format that I’m concerned about differentiating myself is being close to the regulator,” he told Blocknews.

He claims that he put R$700,000 out of his pocket to set up the company. But, now it seeks seed resources of US$ 6.7 million. “This was the only startup and business that I decided to walk alone. I don’t have a partner. Now I’m talking to some funds”, he added.

Krupinsk participated in the creation of other startups. With a background in marketing and advertising from Belas Artes and a course in financing innovation from Standford, he has created several companies since 2003.